Mitropolit Ikona

Тропар Светом Амфилохију црногорском на енглеском језику

Име: Troparion To Metropolitan Amphilochius of Montenegro; Опис: "Troparion To Metropolitan Amphilochius of Montenegro". Тип: audio/mpeg

TROPARION, tone 8.

Disciple of Justin of Celije, beacon of the Orthodox Church, you have embraced the entire world with the love of Christ, and blazing with that love you brought souls to Christ. You lived in the Divine Liturgy, being communicant of its uncreated energies. You fought valiantly against hatred towards God and fellow man, preserving the shrines with your people, and passing to Christ triumphally, therefore being assured of your intercession we cry: leaves us not unto the end, our holy metropolitan Amphilochius!